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Product description

Technical description for cross-tensioned screens with one-side cloth overlap:



Tensioning systems:


Cross tensioned screens

SPA = tensioned length measured outside
FL = tensioning hook length


Longitudinally tensioned screens


SPI = tensioned length measured inside
FL = tensioning hook length


Longitudinally tensioned screens with hook "C"

SPIA = tensioned length measure outside, on the other side it is measure inside
FL = tensioning hook length


Tensioning hooks:

A = the distance between the center line of the screw and the edge of the screen

B = distance between the center lines of the screw

L = screw length and the protruding part of the SPIA size

D = thread size (M12 – M20)


Type "A"
R =edge radius
(Basic size: R = 6 mm)



Type "B"
R = edge radius
(Basic size: R = 6 mm)



Type "C"
Thread M12 – M20

Production of special tensioning hooks is possible if requested.


Plate overlaps


Used when more than one longitudinally tensioned screens are installed behind each other.

The plate overlaps cover the gap between the screens thus preventing the material falling out.

Beside the basic plate overlaps presented here, other types can be produced as well if requested.


Straight overlapping plate
L = length


Construction Nr. 41.009.00


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