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Wire screen with square holes and intermediate waves

Product description


The double intermediate crimp screen is used to sift bulk, wet and particulate materials with not to big abrasive effect. The thin wires can prevent the so-called bridging. In sifter machines, beside the high acceleration value it has some cutting effects as well. The double intermediate crimp screen has a shorter lifespan, but it has an outstanding performance in sifting. Due to the aesthetic appearance it is suitable for fences, different revetment, divisions etc. if it is made from other materials. The rectangular hole with intermediate waves is also used for bulk and particulate materials, however it has a much higher sifting performance.


High abrasion-resistant spring steel wire according to the DIN 17223/1A standard or stainless-steel wire according to the DIN 17224 standard.


In rolls, cut to concrete board size or as a screen with tensioning hook if requested.


We produce it with previously discussed hole size and wire diameter based on the customer’s wishes.

Installation guide:

The double intermediate crimp screen should be tensioned carefully. The most suitable for this purpose is the polyurethane tensioning component which is pressed between two steel strips to provide the desired flexibility and tensioning power.
The tension should be checked regularly. During every screen replacement it is compulsory to check the rubber linings on the underpinnings and replace them if necessary.


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